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“The attention to detail and the quality of stitching in Nichollette’s cushions is extraordinary.”

“All of the seams are hidden and the inside of the cushions receive as much care and attention as the outside.”

“...the sheer beauty of all the cushion paraphernalia is a constant reminder of someone who does something highly creative that she loves and something that continually inspires her.”

Annabel Bird
old buttons

Over the many years I have been a fashion and accessories designer, I have sourced a wealth of original fabrics ranging from mid-century textiles to sometimes very rare silk scarves. Viewing them together takes you on a journey through time. But rather than having them sitting in drawers and boxes I felt it was time for them to have a new lease of life.

lining detail

Now I transform these treasured fabrics into beautifully crafted cushions. My passion is to apply immense attention to detail so that I guarantee an exceptional and luxurious finish, something worthy of their heritage.

My collection combines a wonderfully eclectic range of vintage fabrics with contemporary trimmings. A carefully chosen vintage button is added onto each zip finding becoming a signature of my work and an integral part of my desire to accomplish a very high standard of workmanship.

I complete each cushion with a personally hand written luggage label describing the fabric used with its year of manufacture along with the provenance, whilst on the reverse side are the care details and instructions.


Many of my cushions feature complimentary opposite sides, offering subtle or striking alternatives. Simply turning the cushion over can alter an interior setting in a moment.

My hope is that my cushions will adorn your sofa in the same way you might display pictures on a wall. As you nestle snuggly into them, you get in touch with a story, a place or a time past. I hope you love the 'Art on your couch' as much as I have loved making them.

Nichollette talks to Katherine Sorrell for Period Homes Magazine



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